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Physical Security of IoT Design


Physical Security of IoT Design | Webinar


SoC designers building IoT devices need security exceeding that found in continuously monitored consumer devices, and which makes their devices more “hacker proof.” Andes and Intrinsic ID are teaming up to provide just such a solution. The combination of Intrinsic ID technology with the Andes S801 CPU core enables designers to incorporate security for their IoT designs that is superior to that on mobile phones and PCs.

Presenters Emerson Hsiao from Andes and Marten van Hulst from Intrinsic ID will explain how Andes and Intrinsic ID can make your design hacker proof.


About the Speakers

Emerson Hsiao is Senior VP of Andes Technology USA, Dr. Hsiao has an extensive background in the ASIC and IP industry. Prior to Andes, he worked at Kilopass Technology as the VP of Marketing. Dr. Hsiao previously held the General Manager position for Faraday Technology USA, where he spent several years in field application in various locations including Taiwan, Japan and USA. Dr. Hsiao worked at UC Santa Barbara as a visiting scholar prior to Faraday. He received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University.

Marten van Hulst completed his Masters Degree in Computer Science at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, Netherlands and his Ph.D. on Formal Methods at Utrecht University, Netherlands. After completing his degrees, he held various positions at Lucent Technologies, Intel and Philips in the fields of formal verification, hardware development and asynchronous -clockless- hardware. Since Joining Intrinsic-ID in 2009, he is responsible for both coordinating hardware development activities as well as hands-on design, prototyping and verification. More recently his focus has been shifting towards application-specific integrations as well as scouting for new opportunities for Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) technology.


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