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Driving Economic Advantage with Strong IoT Security

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Driving Economic Advantage with Strong IoT Security | White Paper


It’s not about security … it’s about money. It always has been.

Can semiconductor companies develop secure solutions and at the same time contribute to their financial growth? Results of various studies suggest that addressing security would be a key for the semiconductor industry to unlock the full potential of the IoT, a tempting market that’s expected to rise to $1.2 trillion in 2022 according to IDC.

With this great opportunity, the proliferation of edge-connected devices has created a profound liability for service operators, OEMs, and semiconductor companies, and has introduced a never-before-seen business continuity management and risk management scenario. This is because the IoT has increased the attack surface of and access points to IT/IoT infrastructure, enabled more and worse cyber attacks, and led already now to the biggest breaches in history. Businesses and governments are just starting to realize that the explosion of unsafe IoT devices will lead to unexpected major disasters at a scale we can barely imagine today.

The remedy, of course, is to get ahead of the problem, but integration of traditional security in IoT devices is burdened with additional bill of materials components, increased complexity, greater operational costs and longer time to market. This often leaves the whole supply chain to take a wait-and-see attitude with regard to security, uncertain whether they will ever reap an acceptable return on investment.

In this work we explain how SRAM PUF technology enables robust security designs that deliver an attractive ROI, de-risk threats in the supply chain, and even power new business models.


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