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Strong Device Identities through SRAM PUF-based Certificates


Strong Device Identities through SRAM PUF-based Certificates | Webinar


IoT device manufacturers are under immense pressure to provide device personalization, strong protection of sensitive assets and in-field application services to help their products stand out from the crowd. All these features come at a high cost imposed by key delivery methods that don’t allow for the scalability of device-appropriate security.

Intrinsic ID’s key provisioning system, based on SRAM PUF, enables the creation of unique unspoofable device fingerprints rooted in hardware. GlobalSign certifies these fingerprints and adds highly scalable PKI capabilities, creating Strong Device Identities that can be trusted in IoT ecosystems.

In this talk, we will show how easy it is to use Intrinsic ID's key provisioning system together with GlobalSign’s PKI service to scale up deployment in an affordable, flexible and secure way.

During the webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Intrinsic ID SRAM PUF-based key provisioning system
  • GlobalSign’s highly scalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform
  • How our combined solution enables Strong Device Identities, delivering a level of security consistent with a use case’s economic and other drivers

About the Speakers

Lancen LaChance is vice president of product management, IoT solutions and is responsible for driving overall IoT product strategy, partnerships and roadmap at GlobalSign. He joined GlobalSign in 2010 as a senior systems engineer. He is actively involved in several IoT industry groups to help develop and lead IoT security approaches including the Industrial Internet Consortium, SEEDs, and Wi-SUN.

James Livingston, Intrinsic ID’s Director of Sales, North America, has a 20-year track record of successful sales, marketing, and management experience in the semiconductor industry. He has developed a wide range of expertise, including telecommunications, networking, storage/cloud, IC/SoC/ASSP (hardware & software), IP licensing, sales organization buildouts, CRM tool development and use, strategic selling practices, relationship building, startup and emerging technology evangelization, forecasting accuracy and multi-cultural environments.


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